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Join OACETT today and be recognized as an engineering technology professional!

The most significant benefit of your membership is the mark of professionalism acquired when you earn certification from OACETT and the right to use one of the following exclusive, protected titles:

  • Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.)

  • Certified Technician (C.Tech.)

  • Applied Science Technologist (A.Sc.T.) (no longer awarded)

The C.E.T., C.Tech. and A.Sc.T. designations are recognized by employers, governments, educational institutions and the public in Ontario and across Canada. Certification demonstrates that you meet a high standard of academic excellence, are experienced in your field and have demonstrated an understanding of ethics and your responsibility to your employer and the public.

Employers value certified employees

Whether you’re looking for a job or want to advance with your present employer, you’re one step ahead if you belong to OACETT. Employers across Canada know the professional designations granted by OACETT are the best qualifications for technical personnel.

Make a difference to your profession

As a certified member, you have the opportunity to volunteer to promote the growth and development of the engineering technology profession. All certified members have the right to vote to elect the OACETT Council (board of directors).

A member-driven association, OACETT offers certified members many opportunities for personal development through leadership roles in the chapters, on Council and committees. While working toward certification, associate members can volunteer for some roles at the chapter level.

Identification stamp and technology ring

Certified members can purchase an OACETT stamp to acknowledge that they accept responsibility for the integrity of the work they have performed. The OACETT stamp does not entitle the member to accept responsibility for technical expertise that is restricted to a licensed practitioner.

All certified members may purchase an engineering technology ring, the visible symbol of certification.

Member can use OACETT’s member logo on professional stationery or promotional materials so long as they remain a member in good standing. Members must login to access the logo.

National and international mobility

OACETT members may retain their membership by continuing to pay the annual membership dues while outside the province/country.  OACETT credentials are recognized across Canada, making it easy to transfer to another area. OACETT has an agreement with each of the other provincial associations to allow certified technicians and technologists to transfer to another province and retain their certified status. 

Mandatory certification for members in road construction

OACETT collaborated with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to design a certification program for technicians and technologists in road construction. This successful road construction certification program continues to recognize the experience and education of these members with special designations.

OACETT developed three designations for members to demonstrate their skills in these areas. Each designation has specific requirements, combining education and practical experience. The designations are:

  • rcca (road construction contract administrator)
  • rcsi (road construction senior inspector)
  • rcji (road construction junior inspector)

This program is significant because it’s the only mandatory certification program for engineering technicians and technologists. Firms and individuals bidding on Ministry of Transportation Ontario projects must demonstrate that the inspectors and contract administrators have the OACETT road construction designation. Therefore, it’s important for the inspectors and contract administrators to get certified through OACETT.

Liability insurance

OACETT offers its members a group insurance program for errors and omissions liability insurance (also known as professional liability insurance) for certified engineering technologists and technicians.

This exclusive coverage has been designed specifically to meet the needs of technicians and technologists who are employed, self-employed, work on contract and it may also be extended to cover your legal corporation. The insurance, including the broad coverage and preferred rates, is exclusive to OACETT members in Canada.


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