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The following providers are all approved and recommended by OACETT.

Ametros. Online.
Ametros has designed programs specifically for OACETT members. They offer AI assisted simulations where students take on the role of a stakeholder or technician and learn to push through communication challenges to get the job done. Excellent CPD in the Management/Leadership category.

Canadian Standards Association Group (CSA Group). Online, In-person, Onsite. 5% off.
Industry leading association for the establishment of codes and standards. Sells resources for self-study as well as taught classes. Click here for a discount.

Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO). In-person.
Educator for MTO courses. Courses are offered once a year and are required for road construction designations. Can also be counted towards CPD.

Educational Programs Innovation Centre (EPIC). Online, In-person, Onsite. 10% off.
All classes relate to engineering and are available for many disciplines. In-person classes with examinations are considered formal. Online classes without examinations or webinars are informal. Click here for a discount.

Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA). In-person.
Excellent training. Frequently assigned as mandatory upgrading education for OACETT road construction designations.

The CPD providers below do not have partnerships with OACETT, but they are known within the industry and many members have found them useful. Use your own judgement to decide if they offer suitable training for you.

AEC Daily. Online. Free.
Many classes available on construction techniques and materials. Courses are sponsored by various manufacturing companies. Expect them to highlight their own products.

Alison. Online. Free.
Alison offers online classes which are completely free to attend. Many classes are suitable for the Management/Leadership Training category. Alison charges a fee to issue a certificate of completion after a class. However, you do not need the certificate to satisfy OACETT CPD; you can instead write a short summary of what you learned to serve as your documentation.

American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE). Online, In-person.
Courses focus on cost estimating, control, and related subjects for construction projects.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Online.
Covers a broad range of topics. Useful for many disciplines, not just civil.

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Online, In-person, Onsite.
Courses topics include design, controls, and energy efficiency.

Association of Ontario Road Supervisors (AORS). In-person, Onsite.
Courses for public and/or municipal employees. Many topics available for Technical Knowledge but also Management/Leadership Training.

Canada Green Building Council. Online, In-person, Onsite.
Courses especially useful for the building and environmental disciplines.

Canada Training Group. In-person, Onsite.
Courses on Arc Flash, Electrical Systems and other electrical subjects. Open courses sometimes available outside the GTA and can be as far north as Thunder Bay.

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). Online, In-person, Onsite.
Government program offering classes on a range of safety issues in the workplace. Courses may be suitable for either Technical Knowledge or Management and Leadership. Select courses are available for free.

Canadian Institute for Engineering Training (CIET). In-person.
Focused on sustainable energy training. Most classes are held in the GTA.

Centre for the Advancement of Trenchless Technologies (CATT). In-person, Onsite.
Topics include horizontal directional drilling, project planning, and subsurface investigations.

The Construction Institute of Canada (CTIC). Online, In-person, Onsite.
The CTIC is the education arm of the Toronto Construction Association. Founded as the General Builders Association, the TCA has been operating in Toronto since 1867. They offer many classes in the GTA that would be of interest to those in the building or civil disciplines.

Continuing Education Center: Architecture and Construction. Online. Free.
Many classes available on construction techniques and materials. Courses are sponsored by various manufacturing companies. Expect them to highlight their own products.

Continuing Professional Online.
Courses available in management targeted to technical professionals as well as a few technical knowledge classes.

Coursera. Online.
An education provider that partners with colleges and universities around the world to offer courses online. Some partner institutions include McMaster University, Yale University, the University of Michigan, and Yonsei University. Classes are not free, but check if the class is available to audit. When auditing a class, you will not be evaluated or receive credit (making the class an informal activity) but auditing is often free.

Dantec by Yardstick Training. Online, In-person.
Focused on safety training. Classes on WHMIS, Electrical Safety, Ground disturbance etc.

Global Innovative Campus. Online, In-person, Onsite.
Offering both technical and management classes in many engineering related topics. In-person classes are in Toronto.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Online.
Subject areas also include aerospace, bioengineering, transportation, and English for engineering. Suitable for more than the electrical or electronics disciplines.

Linkedin Learning. Online. was recently rebranded as Linkedin Learning; it is still commonly referred to as by libraries. Lynda offers MOOCs in several subjects. Once you complete a class, Linkedin will seamlessly display your achievement on your Linkedin Profile. While Linkedin Learning is not free, many public libraries provide free home access as part of a library membership. The public libraries of the 15 most populous municipalities in Ontario all provide free Lynda access. If your public library does not, see if you can join the library of the municipality in which you work, they may have Lynda access.

MOOC List. Online.
MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are the most common type of online training and arguably the online education best suited to OACETT CPD. MOOC List is an aggregator website that allows you to search multiple providers at one time.

Muniak Enterprises. Online.
Building code tutor considering Canadian and Ontarian contexts.

National Asset Management System (NAMS Canada). Online.
This training is only available to municipal employees. An Australian developed municipal asset management system concerning public works and services, infrastructure planning, delivery, and operations. Now used in more than 140 countries. 

Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA). Online, In-person.
Classes on building construction and management. In-person classes are available in many parts of Ontario and as far north as North Bay.

Ontario Concrete Pipe Association (OCPA). Onsite.
Available to run lunch & learn meetings or organize plant tours.

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE). Online, In-person.
Courses targeted to Professional Engineers. Some classes are useful, others may not fit your career, check the course descriptions.

Udemy. Online.
Offers classes in business and soft skills as well as engineering. Make sure the engineering courses are advanced enough to be useful to you.

Wood Works! Program of the Canadian Woods Council. Online. Free.
Many case studies available for self study. Well suited for the Building Discipline.

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