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Staff Organization Chart

Administration and Finance

Web and Information Systems:

CEO; CAO; Board Affairs; Government Affairs:

Barbara Chappell, Acting Chief Executive Officer | OACETT Registrar
Ext. 244;

Alla Bondarenko, Executive Assistant
Administrative support for the Chief Executive Officer

Ext. 253;

Debbie Marrocco, Manager of Board Affairs
Ext. 231;

Caroline Boone, Administrative and HR Coordinator
Ext. 258;

Janice Meade, Director of Finance, Administration and IT
Ext. 243;

Christine Murakami, Assistant Accountant
Accounts Receivable (payments by cheque, online banking, Interac, EFT and AMEX), official receipts for membership dues, and membership cards
Ext. 226;

Beena Khan, Finance Assistant
Accounts Receivable (payments by Visa, MasterCard),official receipts for membership dues, and membership cards
Ext. 241;

Mariano Martinez, Acting Manager, Web & Information Systems
Ext. 261;

Stephanie Taaffe, Receptionist
Directs incoming calls to OACETT to the appropriate department or individual, and member profile updates
Ext. 300; 

Institute of Engineering Technology of Ontario (IETO)  

IETO manages the application and certification process and all functions dealing with professional qualifications, admissions,  complaints and dicipline, misuse of title, standards, examinations, program evaluation, education, and CPD.

Barbara Chappell, Acting Chief Executive Officer | OACETT Registrar
Ext. 244;  

Barry Billing, Deputy Registrar | Acting Director IETO
Ext. 239;

Audrey D'Souza, Administrative Assistant, Office of the Registrar
Employer Letters, Limited Licence/L.E.T., Technology Proposals and Reports, Misuse of Title, Complaints & Discipline
Ext. 232;

April Parnell, IETO Certification Coordinator
Exam Programs, Course Approvals, Reinstatements, Transfers, Certificates, PPE/IEPPE (Surnames  A-G)
Ext. 246;

Hala Maski, IETO Certification Coordinator
Road Construction, Student Applications, Upgrades and Reclassification, PPE/IEPPE (Surnames Q-Z)
Ext. 237; 

Elizabeth Kim, IETO Certification Coordinator
New applications, PPE/IEPPE (Surnames H-P), Continiuing Professional Development (CPD) Customer Service
Ext. 240;

Geoffrey Chappell, Project and Policy Administrator
CPD Audit, Projects, Research and Policy, IETO Communications, Member Support
Ext. 223;


Professional Affairs, Services and Government Relations

David Terlizzi, Director, Professional Affairs, Services and Government Relations
Ext. 250;​

Trishia Tedoldi, Manager, College & Corporate Partnerships
Ext. 224;

Julia Farner, Manager, Marketing & Communications
Ext. 266;

Michelle Malcolm-Francis, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist & Editor of Publications
The Ontario Technologist Magazine article submissions, publication schedule, advertising, National Engineering Month and Technical Program.

Ext. 225;

Chetna Suri, Digital Marketing and Communications 
Social media, The Ontario Technologist magazine
Ext. 228;

Ana Sierra, Marketing Specialist
Provincial Awards Program, PASB and Technology Report Writing Seminars.
Ext. 236;

Julie Beckstead, Program & Chapter Advisor
Chapter support, InfOACETT submissions.
Ext. 255; 

Lindsay Sutton, Administrative Coordinator
Member benefit programs, reduced dues applications, 25, 40, 50 & 60-year member certificates, application for stamps, rings, frames and use of logos.
CTEN administration (member assistance, job postings)
Ext. 242; 


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